Should Kids Scrapbook Too?

Why can’t I be that crafty and creative? I’ve always prayed that someday her skills will rub off on me as though it’s just in our blood. {She would disagree with being called crafty, by the way.}

I still have the scrapbook she made for me. My girls LOVE to look through it! Mostly because they like to laugh at how funny mommy looked like a child. But they also love to look through all of the scrapbooks we have for our family, which sadly, are mostly empty!

When I was pregnant with Faith, my nesting urges were mostly creative and had nothing to do with housecleaning. Instead, I had a burning {must complete now!} desire to put together a scrapbook for my step-daughter, Lauren. She had been through a difficult time with the divorce of her parents and was about to have her world totally turned upside down again when her baby sister arrived.

It was so important to me that she had something as a constant reminder of how special her talent for literacy was to us and how very much we loved her. The running joke had always been that someday we’d get around to putting a scrapbook together for her with all of her childhood memories in it. I was determined that it would no longer be a joke and that “someday” was going to be before Faith arrived. That was the last scrapbook I completed. I wish I had pictures of it to share with you.

I think scrapbooks tell a story about the person or people displayed within the pages. It shows happiness, memories, and sometimes even a few sad times. They remember first baths, toothless grins, first steps turning into a wobbly run, and favorite birthday celebrations. And they aren’t just about the youthful years. They are about growing old too.

Scrapbooks are a wordless visual of the life of a loved one. Of course, sometimes we can journal in them too, but overall it’s a simple vision that describes someone’s life. And with life being so uncertain and often times way too short, it just solidifies why I feel so passionate about preserving these wonderful life moments.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time, energy, or enough creativity to really work on any scrapbooking since Faith was born. But somehow I’ve ended up with EIGHT different scrapbooks piled up with hardly anything in any of them. Who knew life would be SO crazy busy with small children?!

I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t get these memories preserved before I forget all the special details I swore I’d share with my girls?! So I have to make some progress on this enormous project soon!

Of course, it doesn’t help relieve my anxiety when I look around my desk to see boxes of scrapbook supplies, various materials, tons of art my girls have created, scrapbook block stamps, and other cool resources all piled up on the floor. {Storage space is very limited in my current home.}

Sometimes I wonder where to begin! I know part of this will resolve itself once I put the supplies to use! But it’s discouraging to think about pulling all of those things out only to have my girls curiously getting into things or climbing up onto my lap to see what I’m doing.

Which brings me back to my original question. Can kids scrapbook too? Taking a tip out of my sister-in-law’s book of parenting, I’m going to say YES, they can! My niece and nephew love to scrapbook with their mom. And last time I checked, all of her books are completed or are at least up to date.

My girls, in particular, are getting a little older. They love doing crafts and being creative. And they really love spending time with me! I’ve realized there’s an opportunity there which I’ve been missing out on.

So a few weeks ago I went for it! I pulled everything out, which immediately sparked curiosity in my children. Setting them up at the table, I gave them each some blank pages, fun stickers and decorations, a few pictures, and a glue stick. Oh my goodness, did they have fun! Mother’s Day was not so long ago then, and I really had recovered from the less perfect mood that took the better of me then.

Ok, well Abby wasn’t as excited about it and she kept running off to play, but Faith totally got into it. I was so thrilled to be able to get a few more pages completed while they had fun. Now I just need to make this a regular activity for us! I mean – eight books! I have a lot of work to do!