Hurry For Low Expectations

We spend a lot of our energy trying to plan the perfect event. Weeks spent on vacation plans, days or even weeks devoted to organizing the great dinner party, birthday party or celebration.

But doesn’t it seem like some of the best times are the ones that come together naturally in the spur of the moment? The times where you were expecting just the everyday experience and through a series of surprising twists and turns what you got instead was extraordinary moments of laughter, warmth, and fun?

I think most of the difference in planned and unplanned moments of joy and fun is the expectation factor. Even if two events turn out the same (which is hard to imagine but just for the sake of argument), the fantastic fun will always feel more enjoyable because you did not expect it.

High expectations can dampen even the most amazing moments. It’s like going to see a highly rated movie. You get so excited about seeing it, and the more people talk about how great the movie is, the more you expect it to blow you away. This film now has to work so much harder to please you than if you had gone to see it without those expectations.

Of course, the best times are when your expectations are high and the reality of the moment is even better than you dreamed. Those are the few precious ones we keep with us for a lifetime. For the rest, I think it’s best not to expect too much from each event, that way all the right stuff is a happy surprise. Just hope I’ll get my sleep…

Vacation to who?

My daughter doesn’t have kindergarten for the next two months. It’s been pretty intense to organize some time to work. This is when I miss my home in Brazil and my friends there where I have enough intimacy to ask anytime for someone to watch Luísa for me. I think that for the next two months I’ll be missing my home a lot.

One of the single mom friends I bonded the most is now traveling with the guy who’s been here for a while with his son, and I don’t feel much comfortable to have people watch Luísa for anything that isn’t work-related. So, I’m a bit burned out I have to say. Poor Luísa is sweet and all, but I often look for the switch off button, and I can’t find it.

Still, I want to make a trip to the Pacific happen in March, something similar to our surf trip in Nicaragua. It involves a lot of trusts. Trust that I’ll find time to do the paid work, surf and meet someone decent to watch my daughter while I do those things.