Christmas 2018

I’m not religious. I don’t really mind if there’s a God. Officially, I don’t celebrate Christmas. But, probably 99% of the people I know do, so I always end up in a Christmas party, with or without presents. So this year, we put up a Christmas Tree!

Oliver only had 4 Christmas in his life, 2 of which he went to bed at his usual 6 pm time and me at 9 pm. The other two, we had dinner with people and not any exchange of presents or Christmas tree or typical Christmas tree or winter climate. But a lot of the human exchange that it’s so amazing.

I don’t even talk about the subject with him (Christmas), it kind of doesn’t exist for us.

Only that it does. The 24th, we will be working at a volunteer lunch as usual. Only that this Monday it will be a special dinner with maybe more than 100 people and everyone receiving presents. Oliver will take a present and receive one, it might be the first he relates to the word ¨Christmas¨ (although he probably received presents at Christmas before from his grandma).

It´s been an odd week for someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas or doesn’t suffer with any of the typical family drama or loss of money that happen this time of the year all around. Anyway, next year I’ll have to do a lot of traveling again for my work and I’m already thinking about how to get it all organized. But first: Christmas!

Last Sunday, our temporary cat had a kitten (how does someone who is not into cats end up watching a pregnant cat?). Just one kitten was born and I had to take the cat inside the house to take good care of the kitten. Oliver’s been great at watching the kitten and calling the mom when he cries. He even scrapbooks about it! This event puts us on the spirit of a new life, one that we have to take care of.

During this magical week, I’ve been going to the gym with a new single-gym-going mom. This is the best gift I could get: a new friend who I can take turns in going to the gym and watching the kids. It’s an amazing gift that I quite deserved, and it’s great to see our kids play around. Let it go a little, kids really need their space!

I had two ladies knocking on my door to ¨teach me¨ the word of God. I explained to them that we agree to hold certain values such as compassion and not lying, so I had to say that I didn’t believe in God which lowered their probably not-so-high expectations even further. It made me nervous because I didn’t want them to feel bad or that I was some lost soul, but it was kind of fun to say so.

In short, during Christmas, I always end up sharing with people, which is really nice. And usually there’s the Christmas gym session too, I hope I hold up to this tradition, although with a few kids, things won’t become any easier… I feel like a little overwhelmed by motherhood…Anyway, a Merry Christmas and a great and healthy New Year for everyone I know; Stay Safe!