Almost Another Night of Sleep

It was another night of sleep. Almost. You see, My girl has learned how to open doors. I am proud of her. I thought it seemed to be taking her a little longer than needed to do this, and I wanted her to be able to open the bathroom door, etc on her own; a little more independence. Really, I don’t know that it was ‘her’ fault she didn’t know.

I’m so used to her making me look good and just figuring out how to do things like dreaming of horses on her own that I didn’t take the time to show her. So I decided to ensure she learned this and within a few days (seriously), it happened. She opens doors.

This is great for independence with the potty, etc (which I don’t know if I mentioned she trained herself at 22 months – see…she makes me look good). However, in my haste to have her more independent, I neglected to consider the bed factor. Ahhh yes, the bed factor.

Last night, while putting her to sleep, I learned how misguided I was. She continued to come out of her room, with her newfound ability to open doors long after I put her to sleep. I just finished my article on a guy who’s been living in Costa Rica with his little boy for a while so a little extra sleep would really do me well.

The funny thing is, as I watched from afar, she would have a baby in one hand and she would walk out of her room and close the door behind her. As if she was leaving her apartment and taking her baby out for a stroll…be sure to lock up!

Enough of this and I added a gate to the outside of the door so she couldn’t actually come out (at nap time she went to her brother’s room and woke him up because, well, she was awake, so why shouldn’t he be?) This resulted in her opening her door and whimpering. Ha, whimpering. The first time I heard it, I had no idea what was going on! We worked our way through though it gets a little hard to find my balance between myself and motherhood.

Then, at 2:30 a.m. she was crying out for me. Not a panicked I’m having a nightmare cry, but an “I’m bothered and need some assistance cry”. As I usually do, I sleepily rose from the bed fogged, to see what was the bother. Rounding the corner, I almost laughed.

She was standing at her gate staring out at my husband who was standing in the hallway looking back at her in sleepy perplexity; each was staring at the other wondering “what the heck are you doing?!?!?”

I turned my son around and sent him back to bed; he slept until 6:30 this morning (yes!). I fixed her up and she slept until 7:30. Sleep is good and in our modern world, where we almost seem to be all addicted to the internet, a bit more real life counts!

Do you have any funny in the night stories? Sleepwalking, noises, things not where you expected them to be?