Hurry For Low Expectations

We spend a lot of our energy trying to plan the perfect event. Weeks spent on vacation plans, days or even weeks devoted to organizing the great dinner party, birthday party or celebration.

But doesn’t it seem like some of the best times are the ones that come together naturally in the spur of the moment? The times where you were expecting just the everyday experience and through a series of surprising twists and turns what you got instead was extraordinary moments of laughter, warmth, and fun?

I think most of the difference in planned and unplanned moments of joy and fun is the expectation factor. Even if two events turn out the same (which is hard to imagine but just for the sake of argument), the fantastic fun will always feel more enjoyable because you did not expect it.

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Finding the balance between myself and motherhood

I knew being a mom wasn’t going to be easy  and at the same time I looked forward to having a child to bond with, to nurture and love, but I prepared myself for the paramount responsibility of having a child – a child whose needs would come before mine and who would be dependent on me for a long time. A child who would need me, all of me, all of the time.

Although Julia came as a surprise at first, by the end of my pregnancy I was ready for the responsibility – the early mornings and late-night feedings, the inevitable worrying that comes with raising a child, the diaper changes and the demands – physical, emotional and mental – that I knew would be made of me. I was ready for it all.

And yet, as ready as I was to be a mother, I didn’t think it would be this hard to stay true to myself. After Julia was born I was hit by exhaustion, the kind of exhaustion that creeps into your bones and settles in for a good long while.

I had absolutely no idea just how tiring it would be, nor did I realize that the feeling of complete and utter exhaustion doesn’t go away; instead, it’s something that you get used to after a while and learn to live with. I was too tired to stay in touch with myself, the person I was before I became a mother. Continue reading “Finding the balance between myself and motherhood”

Almost Another Night of Sleep

It was another night of sleep. Almost. You see, My girl has learned how to open doors. I am proud of her. I thought it seemed to be taking her a little longer than needed to do this, and I wanted her to be able to open the bathroom door, etc on her own; a little more independence. Really, I don’t know that it was ‘her’ fault she didn’t know.

I’m so used to her making me look good and just figuring out how to do things on her own that I didn’t take the time to show her. So I decided to ensure she learned this and within a few days (seriously), it happened. She opens doors.

This is great for independence with the potty, etc (which I don’t know if I mentioned she trained herself at 22 months – see…she makes me look good). However, in my haste to have her more independent, I neglected to consider the bed factor. Ahhh yes, the bed factor.

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Interview with Ethan – a single dad traveling with his 2-year old son

What are the odds that I’d meet in real life, just by chance, a single dad traveling with his 2-year old son and blogging about it, just like me? He´s also really devoted to teaching his son CK a second language, how to swim and understand the wild nature of Costa Rica around him.

I obviously ran to check his blog, Seahorse Adventures and couldn´t stop reading it for a while. With such an unusual story and funny writing style, no wonder his blog started to become popular at its beginning (it´s only three months old).

On top of that, Ethan has never read a blog before, which I think it’s just brilliant because he writes with such freedom and authenticity without any set of ¨must haves¨ about a successful blog on the back of his mind.

Ethan is the first single dad I meet in the physical world, and I couldn’t help the curiosity to ask him about dating, how he deals with the toughness of being on his own and other inconvenient questions.

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